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Ballet Tots

3 year olds

Age 3 years old will love the half hour class each week where they will do rhythm, motor coordination skills, beginning Ballet movement along with magical imaginative activities with songs and dances. This is the perfect start for your tiny dancer.

Pre-School Class

3.5 – 4.5 years old

Students 3.5 – 4.5 year olds will take about 20 minutes Ballet class and about 20 minutes Tap class. Ballet class will include pre-Ballet stretches, Ballet positions, movements, motor coordination skills and imaginative movement. Tap class will cover basic tap movements, rhythm skills with delightful songs and dances.

Twinkling Stars Pre-School I
Twinkling Stars is for first time Pre-School dance, even if they have had Baby Ballerinas.

Tap & Ballet Combo Class

5 – 6 year olds

Dancers 5 – 6 yrs of age will have 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap. Ballet Levels I & II will be taught with stretches, warm up, barre, center floor adagio, and traveling movement with turns and leaps. Correct Ballet terminology will be taught. Tap class will learn Level 1 -3 of Tap through tap barre’, center, and traveling combinations with energetic dances.


4 yrs and up

Basic tumbling moves will be taught from front rolls through aerials. Warm ups and stretches are necessary. Levels of Tumbling classes are:

  • Beginning Tumbling ( 4 – 6 years )
  • Intermediate Tumbling ( 7-10 years )
  • Advanced Tumbling ( 10 and up years )

6 yrs and up

Ballet students will have stretch warm-ups, barre’ and adagio technique. Ballet combinations will be taught in center floor and traveling. Correct Ballet terminology will be taught.


7 yrs. and up

Jazz classes will do warm-up, stretches, center, and across the floor combinations. Jazz includes turns, jumps and kicks in a very energetic dance form with today’s music.


6 yrs. and up

Lyrical is a flowing combination of Ballet and jazz movement that tells a story with the words of the music.


11 yrs. and up

Contemporary dance is a fluid yet sharp and strong dance movement which uses a combination of Lyrical and modern movements. Contemporary is one of the most popular forms of dance in todays world.

Hip Hop

5 yrs. and up

Students will learn the latest moves in Hip Hop. Stretch, warm up, technique and floor exercises will be done in each class. Tasteful energetic – age appropriate dances with appropriate music will be learned.


Students must have at least 3 years ballet experience with strong leg, ankle, and foot development sufficient for skills in Pointe’ work. Teacher permission required.

Tap, Ballet & Jazz Combo

6 yrs. and up

Ages 6 years and up will have divided study in all three disciplines. Levels 1 -4 according to age and experience.

Turn, Jump, Kick

6 yrs and up

Turn, Jump, Kick class is for students who want to advance in their skills for Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary dance.

Cheer Dance

4 yrs. and up

Students will learn cheer skills and cheer dances with energy and strength. Warm up stretches and tumbling are incorporated in this class. Perfect for the boys or girls who want to cheer but not compete.

Adult Classes

18 yrs. and up

Classes for adults in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Fitness. Performing and non-performing classes available!

MLSD Competitive Team

5 yrs and up

Competitive Team is for the dancer who wants to be challenged further with dance and performance. For more information contact Ms. Brooke.